Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dr. Myles Munroe "The Myth of Singleness Pt. 2"

Hmmmnnn..........this man (my mentor), this particular teaching and "single not singed" by Segun Ariyo have informed me, re-informed me and given me better sight. Okay so before I used to.............

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I have always bothered about what drives me with no answer, yesterday I got the answer to this xxx million dollar question. I strongly believe that it is not restricted to secular people, one doesn't have to be worldly before he/she can become prosperous in life. As a matter of fact, my bible tells me that prosperity comes not from the east nor the West but from God Almighty. And so I live to make a statement to the world that you can be prosperous in Christ.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I choose the way of the Lord

So I saw this on FB and thought to share here, this post pierced me.......

OPEN LETTER TO MR ALABETUTU AND HIS FELLOW RELIGION BULLIES.(pls make sure u don't skip a line and read it all !!! )

Wow, so this is what free wifi makes u tink u can just sit down dere rant, and say rubbish bout a religion u know nuffin about.... Ill tell u same tin i tell ignorant enthusiast like u.....first go get sense ,get knowledge d next time u wanna populate the social media wit baseless,false,thought provoking propaganda of yours.......if u have nuffin good to say abt ur religion why not keep ur mouth shut instead of bullying.
Check your self man, before u start pointing at others, ure bringing up false doctored videos bout Islam giving the populace a negative perception about who we really are... I don't blame you tho... Many like you have tried this in the past and Allah has his ways of dealing wit ur kind... Why not pause and look at ur own "Holy Bible" the so called holy book , that has been edited ,revised,verses expunged, with so many versions than any other book on earth and this is supposed to be a book written from God i wonder why it has gone thru this much changes,how on earth can u tamper/edit sumfin that is supposedly divine.... i wonder why this same book is been revised so it can fit in to man's lifestyle , i mean its supposed to bend man to the way of God ,but why is man bending the book to his own way...
You won't have an answer bro coz ure too busy looking for faults that isn't no preacher bro,neither am i an alfa(islamic scholar) am just a "learner" still struggling like u to be at peace with my self and religion(to not let the wordly distract me from making heaven)....... I also want you to ponder about sumfin bro *since uve made it an habit of looking into other peoples religion why not not look into the reasons why Christians are not Christ-like , 1)why Christians dont even dress like Christ...meanwhile Muslims do *coz we believe in him as a prophet sent by Allah*
2)why christian women don't dress like the women around Christ wit their body covered exposing only thier face nd hands...meanwhile Muslim women still do
3)we even keep beards like Jesus,moses,Abraham and Muhammed (peace be upon them) i mean we love them that much
4)how many of you have even bothered to learn,speak the same language Jesus spoke, how many bible can u find in the language Jesus Christ spoke
5)there was no bible sef while Jesus was on earth... It wasn't until many years after he died even by a man he didn't approve *maybe u wanna tell me Christ didn't see it coming*..
6)why those who brought Christianity to Africa ,those who introduced u to wht you know an bliv in are the ones supporting same sex,abortion,transgender,marriage to animal,incest *they are at the forefront* in the name of freedom for all man....or maybe soon they will expunge that part from the bible....***i wont be surprised tho***makes u wonder about the authenticity of your religion
7) why aren't Christian's like Christ , in the way he dresses,talks,eats,moves,worships,prays,sleeps, You guys even got his bday mixed up nd u celebrate him on the the romans celebrate their sun god(Mithra) bcoz that's their condition for accepting Christianity ..they took what u had and added theirs to it*in case u don't know this happened 300 years A.D in was in that council many of ur doctrines came from,,,,,they even had to vote on issues that are supposed to be divine (pagans and christians) i know many of you Christian folks will be angered by this but that shows how un fair u are,,,,you have all folded ur arms and laffed wen dis brother of urs Mr Alabetutu has been saying all sort of lies about my religion, now am shedding a bit of light for u to see ure vexing ....maybe its coz u tink Islam and Muslims are playthings for you all to bully....but the smart ones among u *how ever few there myt be* will ponder on all that i have said , try to see if there is any truth in all i have said and if after that you happen to have more questions i will gladly elucidate u ,we can banter intelligently if youre up for it...jez hit me up ...May Allah (S.W.T) bless you all...amen

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  • Lawal Fatima Oluwakemi If u knw so much abt ur religion,use it to preach to ur fellow xtians. Don't use it to criticise religion u knw nothing abt.
  • Ahmed Khunlay Azeez Nice one bro...I think with the little knowledge I know about Christianity and Islam, I would also like to be part of the intellectual debate if you would love to and not hurl abuses. So Mr Ayanfeoluwa Alabetutu " pls seek ye the truth and kingdom of God first"(mathew 6:33) before checking on others. Thanks .
  • Ewulogbo Hameed Twophase As muslims, I can boldly mention dat we practice what's in the bible more than the Xtians do. irrespective of the bible version, dis is what (Deuteronomy 14:8) says "And also the pig, because even though its hoof is divided, it does not chew the cud. It is therefore unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or even touch their carcasses".
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  • Ahmed Khunlay Azeez Ewulogbo Hameed Twophase, many of those things are in old testament and a such they will tell you Jesus has use his blood to make sacrifice,so old things has become new ..May Allah forgive them on the aspersions they cast on Islam and Muslims but if they insist..
    120 hrs
  • After pondering on this.....................................this came to mind!
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  • For me, the idea behind spreading the gospel and winning souls is not bad-mouthing religions. Lets not forget that we are not preaching Christianity as the case maybe but "Christ's resurrection and glory'. I just think that if you want to sell the idea of Close-up toothpaste to me when I already use Macleans, you should do yourself a favour of not badmouthing it because I have been using it for a while and my mouth is not smelling. Rather, tell me things that Close-up has and Macleans doesn't have that will better my life, shikena!
  • It is really sad that many muslims are actually die-hard(in every sense of the word), their eyes have been shut to the truth for so long and they are a religious set of people(pray 5 times daily, perform ablution, etc) which is why you have to work with/partner with the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and set them free.
  • It is even sadder that our so-called Christians take delight in nailing Jesus on the cross all over; they have turned Christianity into a religion as opposed to the truth that it is a "relationship between we and God", they prefer to live their lives like they are fatherless( yet, there say "my Father in Heaven"), like they are not accountable to anybody when they fully know they will answer for themselves on the last day. It is  really saddening, but I know that Jesus is coming fast with His reward according to everybody's work on earth.
  • For the Christians that are thinking this last day is still far, I use this opportunity to bring to your knowledge that the last is here already, you never know when you will breath your last, the time for true repentance is now!

  • I pray for the mercy of God upon all creation on earth, may it never be too late for us, Amen!