Sunday, September 14, 2014

christianity (my opinion)

Christianity is neither as hard nor is it as simple as some people paint it. Even the bible says we should work out our salvation with fear and i wonder, why do we have so many people who make it look like Christianity is one piece of cake while some people some others just make it look like its a die-hard affair....i mean my Daddy is not a complicated God.

i have a friend who is as skinny as her jeans with nothing to entice a guy, she is even a tom-boy, but she just loves skinny jeans because they make her look smart and yes she is a christian. the emphasis should not be on the form of dressing, it should be the decency in the dressing. i hope you have noticed that people are cutting it low on trousers already because of heat and are moving to gowns and maxi skirts. lets talk on gown first; the short gowns are freaking short and the long gowns have this sex appeal attached to them that even i can't explain; moving to skirts, the short ones are a death sentence to the beholder while the long ones are a bit okay, just that they can sometimes be seductive. so tell me, who would you rather call me a christian? The one in a very short gown/ the one in a hugging pencil skirt/ or the one simply wearing trousers. I just believe there is a place of conviction in our complete appearance. If God tells me to stop wearing make-up or stop using hair extensions then I will, otherwise I continue.

There is one misconception in Christendom which I really refute. Honestly, you can be cool, calm, quiet and collected as a christian but not complacent. There is no room for complacency in Christendom and so it annoys me whenever I see people who embrace complacency all in the name of true Christianity. Another similar but still different one is passiveness and being boring; honestly these are some things that dissuaded me from accepting Christ on time. As an unbeliever/ new convert struggling with the decision to be in Christ, I found the idea of now living a boring life very hard to accept. I never liked my church because of this reason, I never even associated with Christians that much because I found them overly boring....Thank God I finally accepted Christ and now I love fellowship-ing with the brethren, however I still don't like boring and passive Christians (though I found myself becoming one when I first became a Christian).

Now unto those people that make Christianity look like a piece of cake....To be candid, Christianity is not beans on this earth. We have so many people who have a form of Godliness but are denying the power thereof. So many titled  female Christians want a well to do and good-looking, social spouse who definitely will pressure them for sex. They don't see anything wrong in fornication as long as they are with their dream guys. So many Christian guys will not even abstain when you enter a relationship with them ( especially when they are not buoyant for wedding yet). It sickens me when I hear acclaimed christian females who don't want virgin husbands and vice versa (what is happening to Christians of today). Onto another one: I feel Christians don't have enough love, we are judgmental and stereotyped(I am very guilty of this as well) and that is why some people still prefer the company of unbelievers because truthfully those people will embrace you irrespective of how it happened. May God help we Christians to live that exemplary life of Christ!


mon chere

il ya des quelque choses about mide. she is God-fearing, plucky, beautiful, smart, sweet, comely, fire-branded, stubborn, fun-loving, brilliant and i can go on and on, above all elle est mon amie et je s'aime!!!. she is a charismatic queen< i titled her that, and several others attested to it>. i remember i singled her out right from the first time i saw her, and i told myself that i wanted to be her friend. Funnily  enough, in the history of our friendship, she made the first attempt( :D i know right, i am an awesome person).

she is every reasonable guy's dream. even the unreasonable ones too always like her, but then the Holy spirit chases them away before they cause problems. i mean who wouldn't like her, i have heard stories of how guys liked her and wished to have a chance with her only to receive ela :p. i have also had to laugh when i hear things like, she gisted me about her boyfriend/ she showed me his pics; it wasn't needed...i wasn't going to ask her out. loooolz, we all know what would have followed if she didn't act that way and encouraged you/gave you hope. no, my mide is a "show-stopper", she just needs to walk in and you will definitely notice her. she always looks elegant and on-point. i have seen cases of respected admirers that she stylishly tells no.....i always laugh. **** is so lucky to have her...she is one loyal, honest and committed partner.

erm, why is this post about her- i don't know.....i just really love and miss her, she is one person i can really talk to and i really look up to her. wow... she enjoys teasing me and i miss that soo much and she is very annoying too. i find me asking myself why i love her this much, despite the fact that she is very bad at keeping-in-touch.

children are the heritage of the lord


it is funny how today people see getting pregnant and giving birth immediately after wedding as a normal thing. It is not a common is by God's favour and mercy that you conceive and put to bed successfully and THAT my dear shouldn't be overlooked.

It pains me when I hear stories of how a husband or some in-laws are victimizing a woman because of her inability to give birth. Have we forgotten so soon that that beautiful gift has nothing to do with with biology, neither does it have anything to do with money or even interest(so many people conceive when they are not even ready for children) and remember that all that HE created is good. God didn't create any barren woman, it is only a delay, and so though it tarry, wait for it for it shall surely come.

Testimonies about childbirth after 7, 9, 11, 13, 17,19 years move me to tears. I mean who else could have done it, if not God; It even makes me respect the men in question who didn't give-up on their wives.
Honestly, two become one not basically for procreation...Children are just a gift that come with the union. The height is just men that say marriage will not take place until their wives conceive...Please my sister if you are in that situation, biko dust your shoes and run for your life. That man is not your destined husband, even God is not in support of fornication so better repent and take your leave. Regardless of your age, in due time your own husband will come for you.

At the end of the day, it is not how early or late you had your children  that matters, neither is it how many you have and so if you have them now, bless God and train them well and if you don't continue to wait on the lord and learn how to train them well because surely you will give an account of all the children of your womb.

n.b- i even recently heard that if your children are going to hell fire, you a a parent will defnitly go to that hell fire because you are solely responsible for them.

God help me....likewise pray for God to help you toooo so we all would not  be found wanting.

cant get ova it

yea i cant get over it...had this funny feeling while i was in school(17/07--01/08),I just knew something wasnt alright. Finally I know what was wrong,my dad's gone. Every  time I remember the last time I saw him or heard his voice(17/07/2011),tears fill my eyes....cant get over the fact that I will never see him again on this earth. Never even new there was this strong communication btw my dad and I though we were close but to think of how my mind was not at rest all the time I was in school,how all that flooded my mind was that I wanted to talk to my daddy , know now for sure that there was a strong coommunication btw us.

Monday!,i cried my eyes out that day. i remember busayo and oddie telling me my eyes were so swollen and that i shouldn't cry any more. geez!! our communication was soo strong that by Monday i was no longer restless, i was drowning in tears; i needed to hear his voice. my brother just told me that daddy was hospitalised and will soon be discharged, and i never even knew he was sick, I just knew i wanted to talk to him so bad; For crying out loud, daddy never fell ill talk-less of getting hospitalised, so how did it happen this time around??? something told me that was not the truth and that I was never going to see my daddy again, i tried my best to reject that voice, until I lost my willpower and broke out in tears. i remember i cried walking from chapel to moremi. i honestl rili dunno how come i didnt pass out that day, yea ino why! Oddie and Busayo poured water on me just when i was beginning to feel dizzy and at my request they took me to the shower, I had to soak my head and clothes in cool water . i cried strength out of me that day;the rili sad part was that i couldnt say what was wrong, i couldnt confess it to others, it was just one grave feeling i couldnt handle and I couldnt tell anybody I had a feeling my daddy is dead when nobody had told me so.   i miss you daddy gidigaan.
                                                                 i wote the above post 3 years ago                                                                                                  
Now this is me three years after saying i miss you daddy...
though i seldom cry now(about 2 weeks back i was fighting the tears from flowing), i miss you as ever....i think i miss you even more. I just feel that somehow somehow if he was still here, things would had been different; not that things have not been great.....God has been more than faithful and awesome in taking special care of us which helps me believe that my daddy is in heaven with HIM. However, there is nobody to jump on(he was a tall man with a short daughter hence the jumpings), nobody to give playful punches on the tummy(we were that close and i just loved doing that to him, twas an habit i developed from creche days...). just like every normal pair of "best-buddies", we too used to have our misunderstandings...after which we would front for each other until we eventually reconciled; he was one person i never wanted to fail/disappoint/ get angry, my hero.... je se manque beacoup ;(.   i remember that whenever people overheard me talk to him on phone, "are you for real?,that was your dad, i thought it was your boyfriend/ brother/ friend" was the eventual reaction i mostly got. he was my first-love, my darling, in his lifetime he beat me only once and i was the cause, he indulged me, he believed in me, he was one person i never wanted to fail/ disappoint, i looked up to him a whole lot, my mentor, my best-friend.

He unintentionally set standards for my next ''best-friend" and that is why i cant take some things from so many guys. peep this! he was my "best-friend" and i was his "queen"---these were our pet names for each other. this is why i cant tag just anybody "best-friend" regardless of how close we might be.....that mantle is to be passed to my heartthrob, sweetest-heart, darling, truest love and better-half. believe you me, the thought of him excites me :), because you can bet he will be a package of awesomeness and i know that he will be greater than my dad. i remember i once told somebody (about a year back that; i have nobody now but i know he will be a great guy). so my husband will be/is my better-half and my best-friend.

Adieu mon pere,
je t'aime beaucoup, maintenant et toujours....tout de mon avie; je vais toujour t'adore

I promise to make you very proud some day. I know I have been a mess, I have made so many mistakes in my short life and I have disappointed you quite a number of times, but as long as Christ tarries and in His mercy grants me my heart desire, I will make you proudest of me once again

Sun reee!!!!!!!!

here is it *20 plus things about me*

so rather than publish 20 plus sacred things about me on instagram for the world to see, i chose to put it here for you to see and so here it is........enjoy!!!!!!!!!

1.) i LOVE the holy trinity and i hope to be/ work towards being really close to them.
2.) next on the list is my family, i Love cant catch me just gisting casually about them,i hold them that sacred.
* lots of things are fast-changing about me, so i enjoin you to embrace the new me :D
**************i don't have a best-friend currently, my ex is late, my next will be my hubby**********
**************i love slow music most of the time,i wish to learn how to play the piano and**********
                            the drum set too...
**************i have a number of bible passages that i really like, but i think rev 1:18 and **********
                             rev 22:1 are my favs. They encompass all other scriptures if you think deeper.
3.) i believe "there is beauty in simplicity" and dressing simple is not the same as dressing shabbily, neither is dressing good the same thing as dressing tarty/extravagant; that is not to say i am a voice for tacky dressings.
4.) there's a 90% probability that in the history of our friendship, you made the first attempt...this however doesn't mean i'm proud /snobbish/unfriendly, i am not just the likely person to have made the first attempt (but i am working on this, these days i go out of my way)
5.) i can really be sarcastic at times.....but then i actually like to laugh a lot(that's why i like funny people). sadly enough, i find myself getting depressed easily though i want to be a happy child; the good-news is that i am growing out of it because the joy of the lord is my strength...hallelujah!
6.) i know it is not easy, but then the Holy-Spirit helps us to abstain, i am a "no sex before marriage" advocate. though iv learnt to place more emphasis on purity....iv heard of people who successfully kept their "technical" virginity but had lost their purity, should i tell you, it amounts to nothing, i think the guilt is even worse. PURITY, PURITY, PURITY, more emphasis should be placed on it
7.) i am a softie though i try to appear tough.  i doubt if i have ever fallen in love before but you can be sure i have gotten into the infatuated lane a number of times. However, Falling in love is not an issue for me at all and , i just prefer him to be head over heels in love with me first; its safer that way.
8.) if i call you my friend, then my dear you can be sure i like you a lot. most of the times i yab people, it is out of love(i don't yab people that i am not close to, because i'm not sure of how they will take it). i avoid quarrels/fights as much as possible; i haven't gotten into one in over a decade now). i say i love you a lot to my guy&girl good-friends, though i am cutting it low on the guyfrds (even if they don't misunderstand my intentions, people around will).
9.) i think i'm a shy person(there are times when my shyness disgusts me) and my anxiety often gets the best of me. *i am seriously working on this two though*. When i acknowledge that i like you, it means i like you a lot, i can go an extra mile for my friends, i am 93% selfless, i like to show forth the fruits of the holy spirit in me.
10.) i used to be a person that likes remaining indoors before, but now i am learning to put myself out there and impact lives; i am also embracing and loving the idea of going out.
lets continue........
11.) i like playing games(mind games, deluxe, zombie invasions, car race...), talking to and playing with like minded individuals, engaging in meaningful and intelligent conversations, reading non textbooks, listening to music, managing the house/home (yaaay, i am growing after-all).
12.) i am not a fan of soccer because i don't want to die of high blood pressure. its not like i find it boring, i can always make myself watch it with a loved one. besides i am a mushy person(there's a likelihood that i will cry/have headache-- so i just stay of it).
13.) i think i am a strong girl, i don't look as strong as people eventually find out that i am, i can stand for Africa and even to my own surprise i have good stamina.
14.) i can be carefree, though most of the time i am self-conscious(i would attribute this "self-consciousness" to my shyness. i don't like proud, insensitive, dishonest, lazy and gloomy people. and i can daydream abi fantasize for Africa...believe you me, i have a very wide imagination....thank God for Jesus in my life. it is an old disgusting habit that became an addiction, that i am now fighting hard(i cant believe i used to enjoy it)< guess, i am growing after-all :D
15.) i like guys that can sing (not rap oo, asin they have lovely voices). in the history of my crushes , 3 prevailing characteristics is that they can sing, have charisma and i met them in church-related environments, my only crush who doesn't share two of the characteristics above is teju-babyface and i liked him then because he was really cute,had swag<charisma> and was FUNNY.
16.) i love funny people, i really like to laugh, i just don't get many people to make me laugh.  i am more of a personality- person; your personality is what is going to trip me and not your looks. that's not to say i don't mind the looks, but believe me that's the least of my worries (most people are good looking when all is well-i shall just simply pray for all to continue being well). i am more interested in the content than the container.
17.) oddly enough i don't find fair people attractive and i cant explain why;  i am also not a fan of "pretty faces" my dear if you are a guy who is fair/ has a pretty face, you can be rest-assured that i am not tripping for you and just in case you are still thinking i am, especially if we met in a non-church related environment, my brother you are are lying to yourself.
18.) i don't understand how you will say you are my friend and not call me. its not like i hate chatting, its just not my thing, i find typing on phone exhausting and that is why i have issues with people that just limit our communications to pinging.*you don't know how much it vexes me*. i used to call people a lot, i just reduced it when it started making me feel stupid/wasteful. for crying out loud! people fake emotions while chatting, if you want to get the real deal why not just call.....aaaarrrgggghhhhh!
19.) i have this thing for slim-fit, you know this slim figure(not bag of bones oo) with swag / carriage.....oh lawd! it trips me...and i have this thing for smallish people and happy people. the smallish part doesn't necessarily apply to prospective boos....they are just people i like because of stature.
20). i am not as young as people think i am, as a matter of fact i am actually old( there are times i wish i was a year/two years younger and i had achieved this much) , but then NYSC made me feel like a creche, practically everybody was older than me; even people in junior batches were older....i hardly found my age-mates, there were times when i considered adding a year/ two to my age, to avoid being treated like a baby. it was bad enough that my voice and stature already made people feel i was still a teenager.
21). i love my friends though i have just a handful of them, i have more acquaintances than friends and i do well to differentiate this( again, it is not pride). i am a very secretive person. i still don't like people telling me what to do when i don't ask them to; i am not dumb, biko!
22). i like sleeping a lot/remaining in bed; i am lazy like that and i am a very loyal and supportive person. i am very caring, understanding and i am a good listening ear. i don't talk much(adopted the talk-less approach when i was learning to season my speech-it has however made me less expressive), but i am learning to talk more now since if Christ tarries and grants me long-life, i hope to someday go into public speaking.(o ye shyness, i am most definitely going to overcome u :p).
23). if you shout at me angrily( though there's a 99% probability that what made you shout in the first place, is because you were angry), i will most certainly close your chapter till when God enables me to forgive you and forget. it has happened to me about 2/3 times and it marred those relationships until i finally forgave& forgot(i find hard to this tho)...honestly i forgive people easily, but when our quarrel is as a result of you shouting at me, forgiving just becomes difficult.
24). i don't know how to para/bone for people<sometimes this inability gets in the way, but it has never really put me in trouble before>. yeah, you can give me an A plus in ignoring people; when i start ignoring you, that's me telling you i am not happy with you. people that take my attention for granted, i shake my head for them; the only reason i give them that much attention is because i like them, and let me assure you, you surely prefer my attention to my ignoring you cause i am equally good at that.
25). i am overly attracted to people with good diction( its not like my diction is that good, but then i hope for it to be better-that's the point exactly); even if i cover it up with a smile; bad diction is still a big turn-off for me. I am not that boring but then, i prefer having more interesting friends/partners; i also like them being people i can look up to.
26). i may Have given you the notion that i like being all by myself, my dear its a wrong one; i actually like being around people. i like learning new things, i like being with like minded individuals too and i love the gathering of the brethren. i don't like dishonest/ proud/ selfish/ insultive/ insensitive/ despondent people and i like playing toooo.
27). i don't hate make-up oo, but a lot of people overdo, oginni??,the truth is that most people are finer with less make-up, than what they mount on their faces. make-up is supposed to enhance your beauty and not give you an altogether different look. excessive make-up repels me how much more....
28). i love punctuality, i like getting to appointments at least 30 mins earlier, and as such i find it hard having people who have taken to tardiness as friends. i like doing things to detail<i remember one sister liked me particularly for this when i was still in FH>. i am a "whatever your hands find doing,do it diligently" "don't despise the days of little beginnings" kind of person and whether it is big/small lie or white/yellow lie, i preach desist from all forms of lying.
29). i cant believe somebody will think i will be high-maintenance, i mean i don't even like collecting things from people let alone ask! please, i would rather give than obtain ( ask people that know me, they will attest to this, 3/4 persons during NYSC were not happy with me just because i didn't want to collect things from them(and it is not pride) my dear if you think i will be high-maintenance, sorry for you oo.
30). i recently discovered that there is beauty in covering one's body, besides i am not a fan of skimpy and tight clothing(funny enough i loved them when i was growing up, they give you this "i am sexy" feeling), i don't think we should dress to feel good<that's sort of selfish>, it should be more of dressing to look good; and dressing to look good has nothing to do with dressing to kill(all these won ma gba peeps), haba! lets be merciful on our kongi-ous brothers and sisters and lets re-direct people to heaven not hell.
31). i LOVE love...i am not a hopeless romantic tho :), but by default i am a mushy, cheesy, gooey and soppy individual (thank goodness, i am learning to help it).
32). i like ******* <think whatever you want, na u get your imagination>
33). when i was younger, i was more expressive, vibrant, intelligent, was everywhere, liked dancing, singing, arguing, talking, was really naughty, a little fibber and very active, was bolder. but i hated house chores, mon dieu! i just resented it. i enjoyed nothing about practical home management. (thank God i have grown).

*****whatever i wrote above, relating to my relationships applies to both males and females alike.

*i am still a work in progress...and i am working towards attaining perfection*-----Christ in me, the hope of glory.