Monday, March 30, 2015

I and Bayelsa

Bayelsa, Bayelsa, Bayelsa....I remember how heartbroken I was when  Kemi told me on our trip to Ilesa that I was posted to Bayelsa. Of the four of us that where delayed to go in Batch B I was the only one going that far. Tinuke was posted to Oyo, Diana was to Ogun and Kemi was initially posted to Osun but She redeployed to Oyo while in camp.  You can't imagine how I felt; It was even Bammie that made me feel better. Bammie was a batch A corper posted to Enugu who had always wished for me to come join her there and so when I told her it was Bayelsa, she felt bad that it wasnt Enugu but she encouraged me to be of good cheer that I would enjoy it.

That didn't console me at all. When I got to Orientation camp I started making moves to redeploy.  Not even with all the razz people around; I couldn't imagine living one year in a foreign land with these kind of people. My sister even helped me to get one doctor's report that I kept on renouncing its contents. Initially when I opened it on my phone (because it was scanned to my mail) I felt bad. I hated the idea of having to claim this disease just because I wanted to redeploy but I did it anyways. I printed, submitted, was shortlisted and I went for the interview(lol). Just in case you don't know, I am very bad at lying and so I wasn't very convincing though I tried to, besides there was nepotism and I just decide not to indulge in it (the CMD was Tosin's friend, I could have just used him to influence it, afterall it worked for Tosin).

So as you are guessing already, I was denied the grace to redeploy, I cried ehn! Seriously it pained me, but before then I had already met Uncle who God was using to teach me to accept BY as his plan for me. I really wanted to redeploy but I wasn't attempting to go extra lengths to ensure it because I was accepting His will. I just painfully told myself that I wasn't going to work it/ lobby for it. Thank God for Uncle sha, he was really there for me that period. My involvement with NCCF was because of him. He didn't even allow me to stray away, he was always watching my back 24/7. Either on the last day of camp or the day before, he called to ask what my plan was after camp and I was like find my P.P.A somehow and Lagos all the way. I remember he was like, i'm not going anywhere on my own, that I was going to go with him to NCCF family house, then P.P.A next day, then rural rugged, then home and that was how NYSC in BY started for me.

I got back a month earlier than expected because of Zenith Bank and I had family house to stay all thanks to Uncle who is my BY blessing #1; okay that's about it. Like I've been telling people, the total number of friends I had in BY in 1 year is more than the number of friends I had after 4 years in UNILAG. I had the opportunity of living my life just my way, not trying to be in any body's good books or to impress anybody and I enjoyed every ounce of it.

hmmmn....prior to coming to BY, I just wanted to survive life, get a job after service, get married, have kids, train them well, have cars, gadgets, clothes, accessories and all; but all that changed after I met some people. I was privileged to meet some people who taught me that life goes beyond amassing wealth and just enjoying the pleasures of life. Today, I desire so much to live a fulfilling life, to be a philanthropist, to finance peoples' education, to support many good causes, to be an important person in my generation, all thanks to God through them. However, I'm still awaiting the greater good of my serving in BY. I have heard the good news from different people that resulted from serving in BY. Initially, I thought it was going to be immediate employment; so I keyed into Dammie, Jobi and Seun's testimonies and I seriously prayed towards it. I remember how confused I was whether to carry all my belongings to Lagos or to leave some in Bayelsa and return later. Thank God for how it turned out still. At least now I know that the greater good attached to my serving in BY is still pending, however I want it now. O Lord please!!!! I want to know/feel/certify that my serving in BY was divinely orchestrated.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

classy me *dancing*

*for my mind* huh???

Don't mind me. So I just remembered this incident in QC when 1 senior sent I and my friend to go get something(can't remember what it was) at all cost and when we returned she asked us how we got it, if we went begging for it. I think my friend said yes and then she turned to me and asked if I also went begging and I just responded: I didn't go begging, I went asking! she just looked at me and said "you are classy" :D.

Maybe this is what so many people that say I am buti( aje butter) actually mean to say, because I have been saying it and I will continue to say it; I am not one. I was not born with a silver spoon, neither did I grow up with one in my mouth. Seriously, forget the fact that I went to one of the best schools in Nigeria; it wasn't our doing, it was God's. That was his gift/reward/blessing to my dad and I won't lose sight of it( maybe I did at some point).

I still remembered the day I para-ed for Emeke, Emeke is my personal person but I expected him to have known better. Just because he was in a relaxed mode with his guys and I was being classy not buti and we were talking about so many things. I can't remember exactly what led to it, I just know he said "don't mind Kemi oo, she b unilag babe, dyuno she finished from QC?". You needed to have seen me that day, I was very angry with him. He noticed, asked why, apologised, never mentioned it again and that settled it. He even covered up for me one day his friend asked where my twin brother was.

Yea rate me high, think highly of me after-all I'm my father's queen but let it be based on how we interact not on the schools I went to, or how I speak ( people forge accent). I remember back in school then when my roommate asked me to lend her 100000, tbh I was elated, Like seriously, after assessing me , you are convinced I must have more than 100000 and so I should be able to lend it to you. I just told her "I claim it dear", really soon I will be basking in millions.

During nysc, I remember some people telling me they are sure that I am very connected and that sure job is waiting for me, what of **** that said he is 100% sure that I have an inheritance in my father's will waiting for me and **** that made me give him my touch phone just because he felt I had the means of getting a new one at ease. Seriously I have even lost count of how many times this particular misconception came-up during my service year.(I guess I have a very rosy and beautiful future).

Even at Poise, I remember how surprised Anderson was, when I worked in a factory with him (he was so surprised and couldn't contain/hide it). He told me he had always felt I was buti and never thought i would have enjoyed the one day job in a factory. I was even surprised when he said it because I know I was very swag-less while I was at Poise.

Even now that if you shake me left, right, front, back, center, anyhow and you cash all the money I have in bank, the numerical value is not up to #1000 ( I know you will find it hard to believe but seriously I will rather not tell you than lie), it is interesting to know that some people still think highly of me, like I am one buxed-up chick with no worries asking me to recharge their phones,lend them money and all.

...What more can I say? I am grateful to God! I can't explain it but really I am thankful. I sincerely pray to be truthfully buoyant so that I can actually help people. I am classy and will be prosperous in addition.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So as the day goes, I feel it more. I am so close to smiling, being happy and beginning to live that fulfilling life, Im not sure I have said this before but my greatest fear in life is not dying neither is it losing a loved one, It is not fulfilling purpose. Most of my unhappiness since realisation was caused by non-fulfillment. ANY time I see the likes of Pst Dami, Toju, Timi, Mayowa, Debo, Bisola, Tayo, it saddens me. I have always feared my mates excelling beyond me and guess what it has always happened. Now Im convinced it always happened only for me to learn; and the longer it took me to learn, the more it happened. Im not established yet; even as a young lady, I haven't started the journey let alone say that I have not got to my destination yet, but I am confident that I will start, overtake and dominate. I will make God happy to have sent me to earth. I refuse to live the life of a chicken(meaningless life) and I denounce any iota of poverty lurking around me(tbh I have felt what it is like to be in lack this period).

My immediate ache has just been the timing, I want it now. Feels like the world is eagerly awaiting my manifestation and sadly enough I am yet to catch a glimpse of this manifestation. Im tired of avoiding calls, or having to listen to people who make you feel like the reason all is not going as desired is because you are in sin/you dont know how to pray/ provoke God to work in your favor; People like Kunle just make me feel better; I know I have a good heritage :D.
*chuckles* I know I want new friends but seriously if it must be now then they have to be matured minds not people that will piss me off when im trying to reason with them.

watching out for miibee one month from now, 6 months from now, I year from now, 3 yrs from now and 5 years from now and frankly speaking I am excited.

"should I include this, should I....i better not- It is for my knowledge only"
#God's mercy, favor and grace be with me*
#wish me luck abi all the best*
#you, yes you are next in line
#HappymeSmiling meDancing meGrateful me*

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I feel so weak right now, I mean I really want the tears to flow out freely, I want to cry, my heart is heavy, what is all this? I hate hearing about deaths of acquaintances let alone friends, it weakens me (O God please don't let me lose any of my friends anytime soon, let us live long), I dunno how I will handle it). I remember my sister telling me of the awful condition her classmate passed through just before he passed on, I never knew Jeffery, I had never even heard of him before that day, but the sadness in my sister's voice did it all and before I knew what was happening my mum had poured water on me and my sister was shouting blood of Jesus repeatedly; I just passed out.

I really don't want to ask questions but really, why do innocent people have to die?? The knowledge of Richard's wife's demise this evening just literally weakened me. I feel numb, oh lawd!she was only 29, why did she have to die :,(, to think of the fact that she died while heavy/in labor is just.... I'm speechless, I don't even know what to say. I know when they got married, she is such a simple lady and Richard is the coolest of my brother's friends, O God why??Both the expected baby and mummy gone, who is to take care of the 2 years old toddler at home?? I can't imagine his pains, being a widower at that young age, I really don't understand why God allowed it to happen!

What of baba's daughter, Jesu E gba mi...I cant stomach it...after 9 months of pregnancy, only for the baby to now die after delivery. What is all this?? I know some of my school mates who have children who are hale and hearty outside wedlock and I cant just understand how married women will now be experiencing complications at childbirth... Honestly, I don't feel like getting close to a guy now, or conceiving( Dear Lord please help not be scared of getting pregnant). I want to get married inn due time, conceive in due time, put to bed healthily in due time and both I and the child that the Lord has given me should be in excellent health(Dear Lord pleeaasse grant me my heart desire).

I don't want to pass out again or to start feeling dizzy because of one bad news. Dear Lord, Pleeaasse I do not want to receive bad news and don't want to send out bad news either. Please Lord God have mercy on me, I don't want to cry again, I don't even want reasons to ever consider it, I have cried so much in this my short life, please dry my eyes and wipe away my tears, I want to be celebrated, to bring joy to the lives of others, to be a blessing to thousand and to be God's best gift to my husband and my prayer is for God to keep us happily together till ripe old grey years, Amen! I know I am a sinner, please merciful God, please forgive me all my sins and grant me a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


So yesterday I learnt something. Most people only plan for weddings, I mean they look up wedding gowns online, they put in so much energy just to have a fairy-tale wedding, but they miss making thorough preparations for the most vital thing about a union and that is "marriage".
Marriage as we all know is the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life, which leads us to another vital issue. How many people really believe that as ordained by God "marriage is till death do you apart"? But guess what?whether you believe/accept it or not, God has ordained it and so you will not enter heaven if you fall short of this.

Truly really, the importance of a thorough preparation towards spending the rest of your life with another person cannot be overemphasized. One question you should constantly ask yourself is, will I look forward to waking up each day to see this person for the next 100 years come rain come shine? Today we have so many failed marriages and the reason is not far-fetched. It is simply  "poor preparation". 
Why am I going into this relationship is the first question to be asked. Personally I feel every relationship or is it courtship should be towards marriage and so if you are not somebody I think I can spend 100 years with, then why on earth should I say yes to you. And so it baffles me when I see people who do not want to marry their current boy/girl friend and it gets me thinking.....what are you now doing with him/her? Are you only in the relationship because you want to leave the singles corner(i know so many ppl do this) but my dear being single is not a sin neither is it a reproach, rather it is the best time to develop yourself for the future.

Today I know that your spouse should be your destiny helper, your help-meet, your better half, your best-friend, the bone of your bone and the rib of your rib. One of my greatest prayer points is for God to settle me maritally on time because I have an age target and so if you are still young you should be doing the same thing; believe me, you don't want to get desperate while still looking for a future partner. And to the old youths that are still unmarried, it is not a death sentence neither is it a stigma. It is no reason for you to just marry anybody that indicates interest/agrees for you. I know it is harder when it is this late but one thing is certain "Oluwa is definitely involved" and if you don't shift focus he will make you laugh at the end.

For the ladies one testimony I will like to share is the story of a sister who finished university late. By the time she was serving she was already over 30 but still she was true to God. After service she still didn't get married early. The people she finished school with had gotten married and had 2-3 kids, yet she was still trusting God for a life partner. When it finally happened, it was a man of God who visited Nigeria for a program that sought her hand in marriage. In HIS awesomeness when people were thinking menopause had caught up with her, the Lord opened her womb, she conceived immediately and she delivered can say it again...God is awesome!!! Our God is a perfect God, you just have to trust him  that He will make you smile in the end.

Yes yes yes, another learnt truth is that you should not enter into marriage waiting on God for a job. There is no how it won't cause frequent quarrels in the house regardless of how loving the other partner is. Guys that say ladies won't agree except they are rich are mistaken...A lady will only not agree if you are jobless or if you are managing one minuscule job and you don't have prospects. Even if I will marry a guy that is not well to do materially then he has to be well to do intellectually. Another thing is that money is not everything, even if you are richer than Bill gates and I cannot see you helping me to fulfill destiny then its a no-no #shikena. And guys if you don't have money then don't prioritize getting married. I am not saying you should be rich before you get married, I am only saying you should be able to take care of the family financially because the truth is that a woman is only to support you not carry the whole responsibility. One beautiful thing is that God is in support of marriage, I mean He is the author of the first marriage ever and as such there are blessings attached to every marriage done rightfully.

Finally, regardless of your age, no man is doing you any favor by asking to marry you and so you should always be treated with respect( ladies that wash, cook, clean and attend to their fiance everytime, the height is the ones that allow them raise hands against them). You are the apple of God's eye and nobody should make you feel less.
And develop yourself, groom yourself and develop yourself again. Ladies that don't know how to cook or are not neat/organised start learning it now. Guys that are not personally hygienic or snore while sleeping or do not even enter kitchen at all, start learning to do these things now. There's no limit to how you can develop yourself. Develop yourself all round to be a home builder, sustainer and pillar.

And never forget the most important factor of any blissful union "GOD"...without God you are just on your own, so my brother my sister seek Him today and He will manifest his supremacy in your life/home.
If you really desire a God-fearing man, then you have to reverence God first. Few days back, it just dropped to my mind that the reason God never gave me his son was because I wasn't ready for him. After pondering on it , it suddenly made perfect sense. I always knew I was going to end up with a good Christian because of the kind of people I crushed on, I first knew this before I became a Christian though I wasn't interested in dating one then...I just wanted a good guy that was fun to be with.. But sincerely, if I had been in a relationship with one from as far back as when we were in school, we would not only have broken-up by now, I would also have broken his heart; and God didn't want me to break his son's heart so he hid him from me. GBAM!!!
One simple truth to ladies like me who want a man who loves God is that; you have to be rightly aligned with God first before He will consider giving you his son. I am learning about God more and more on a daily basis, and I have realised that I am expected to love, cherish, value and respect his son. With this knowledge even if he annoys me, I cant nurse the idea of breaking his heart intentionally, I don't want to incur God's wrath. Besides, God giving me his son means that I am now also special to Him; and as such I am confident that He has surely given me the bone of my bone, the rib of my rib and through the help of the Holy spirit, all will be well with our union.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's that Personal Significance

"Life has gone beyond living and just being rich, to finding your voice and helping others to find theirs"- bioye

Just in case you haven't realized, it will interest you to know that nobody is on earth to mark register. We have all come here at different times( yes, even twins came at different times) with different purposes and so it will be a shame if after all the wealth amassed and property acquired you still feel empty or unfulfilled(which is how you will feel if you don't live out your personal significance).

I remember the words of Myles Munroe- "Live full and die empty". This is a very deep watchword in every of your preparation towards retirement or eternal life.

We hear this phrase "live your life to the fullest" very often, but do we really know what it means. I am aware of the common perception people have regarding this phrase, but should I tell you something; it doesn't mean you should live your life chilling and lounging all through. It means live life to maximize that unique potential that you have, live life letting the world have a feel of your personal significance.
I envy public speakers a lot when I see them doing what they do best. There's no how you will miss that excitement, that sense of fulfillment in them. They just love what they do and strive to get better everyday. P.dams, Martin and Folake are young speakers that challenge me to take the bull by the horn and live my personal significance. Honestly, I wish I could do what they do presently, but I know that I will do even greater though in a different capacity but still touching lives.

Yes "touching lives and affecting lives positively", this core essence of our existence cannot be overemphasized. One hard truth is that a life that doesn't touch lives is one that shouldn't have been lived at all( it definitely is not worth living) and believe me, you can affect lives in soo many ways and so it is really unforgivable to be found wanting in that aspect.
I desire to prosper in wealth, but then it is not for me to be acquiring properties for generations yet unborn. I and my family will live comfortable lives, my children will go to good schools but even people that don't know me will have a feel of my wealth. That's my personal significance- and God who has helped me to realize it will empower me to carry it out effectively.

Today, promise me you will prioritize finding your voice, touching lives, being a blessing to thousands, being a part of several success stories and living a life worthy of emulation as this is the only way we can move from living for effectiveness to living in greatness. Remember, always live your life to the glory of HIM who has called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous light, find your voice and help others to find theirs.

- inspired from Stephen Covey's "the 8th habit"

"all that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"----Edmund Burk

n.b- I read something today where I learnt that our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Help them find their happiness and you will find your own happiness too.....learn to put a smile on someone's face and you will also smile"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oluwaseunfunmi, Mon Ami de VIE!

So after a break of about 6 months(feels like 6 years), miibee is back here and this come back was inspired by my paddy paddy which is why this particular post will be about him (God help me to be consistent with this blog, at least once in a month).
Inspite of the fact that he has a very common name, he has successfully made it to the list of my bestest seuns in the world. This is one guy that I am absolutely grateful to God that he came my way and I pray we remain friends forever. Known him for just about a year and a half and it feels like I have known since we were toddlers. He's my very own brother (who my mum never told me about) that I left Lagos to find in faraway Bayelsa, He's a friend turned family :D. We are #teamunilag but till tomorrow, I still wonder why I neva met/knew him while we were in school, I guess I would have shunned him(not because I was a snub oo, but really hes not just my kind of person) and perfect God brought forward our friendship to NYSC just because it was bound to happen. I am very positive that I wouldnt have regarded him if I came in batch A and so, perfect God again brought me with batch B (that waiting period humbled me *covers face*).

He wasn't one of the first friends I made in Bayelsa, but he definitely was one of my best friends by the time I was leaving; one of the very few people that helped me never to regret my failure to redeploy from Bayelsa. I mean, he was one of the very few that made my NYSC year a pleasant one(I just remembered when i first moved to Polaku *covers face*, "baby like me"). He has been a very wonderful friend and I hope I have also been a good friend to him too. I know he calls me bestie and all, I just really hope that I have really been a best-friend to him because I am very aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings though in everything I always try to be the friend I want in others. Did I mention he is one guy I am very free with, over free sef is worrying me ( Guess thats what helped me to accept him as my brother because seriously mummy did not telme about Anyways, you all should watch out for him, seriously he is a great kid- greatness lies on his inside and eyin babes, he has clean records, u definitely don't want to miss him.
I just want to say that I wish him the very best in this life. Nigeria would be a much better place if it was filled with the likes of him( though I think naija would be very boring too), besides he deserves the best because he is a good and responsible guy. As small as he is, I have actually learnt quite a lot from him; from his actions, words, our quarrels( believe me, he is very annoying- we don't even quarrel that much again, I hope we are not drifting apart, I guess its maturity :D), his advice and so much more.

Currently he is trying to be a big brother to me (but hez my most adorable younger brother *teddy bear hug*) , I appreciate his efforts though; that's what friendship is all about. "iron sharpening iron". I really hope that this his masters with full scholarship application becomes successful. Though I know I will really miss him when he goes, I really pray he goes- just because he deserves this masters program and because I know God is with him. wow 2 years is a pretty long time, that's around 2017; God being very gracious to me I pray to be married by then.

curtain falls!