Monday, August 1, 2016

Its exactly 5 years today!

Yeah, today makes it the fifth year since the calling of daddy home to glory.

It hasn't been easy but God has been so faithful. Within the five years of his exit, the family has recorded 3 marriages, 1 grandchild, 3/4 degrees, more properties, elevation on all sides....all by the Grace of God. I remember thinking I was going to become a drop-out but I continued till finish with no itch.

I really miss my dad. Though I hardly cry again, in short I barely barely cry. I cried this year "by Chance" and it had to do more with thanking God for a life well spent. Yea, it was a cry of thanks.
I'm growing everyday and I wish he was around to see me growing this way. There are many times I wish I could talk to him and ask him certain questions but all in all I give God the glory.

I particularly miss having a father figure in my life. I really feel like a headless chicken sometimes; at times I wish there was this father that I could discuss matters with, take advice from, lean on and draw wisdom from. I sometimes find myself wanting to get into a relationship only because of that missing father figure but God's time is the best.....I need to stop being selfish.
        *Anyways I decided to write this post because I saw the tribute I wrote to him on his burial day and here it is*

                                                               {August 2011}
In my whole life, the only man that I have seen so determined and strong-willed, so disciplined yet loving is you. Daddy you are one man that distinguished himself everywhere he went. You taught me the word of God and the ways of this life. You were a father to all, a man who stood for what was right, who respected other people's views but feared nobody, who always put God first in everything, who was diligent and hardworking and who cherished this family.

 A man's life is not measured by the number of years spent on earth but the number of lives affected by him and so daddy, you have lived a very good life. Words cant express who you are to us and to the people you are acquainted with, my joy is just that you are now resting in the bosom of the Lord.
My Father, my Mentor, my Bestfriend
Adieu mon pere
                                                         *forever in our hearts*


At some point in my life, I could have wished for a better dad, but I'm grateful God gave me you. You were not perfect, infact you were far from perfect if I examine well enough, but you gave your best to us. I trust God that the good things you tried to do for me/instill in me will be perfected.
One funny thing is that I find it hard to call outsiders 'daddy' regardless of how other people esteem them; I trust God to be able to see my spouse as my best-friend, my big-brother, my father, my confidant, my spiritual leader, my playmate, my prayer partner, my business partner...