Monday, March 7, 2016

Naija Values questionable

To be cqndidI ront tink I wqnt to femain in this country. Its tily hard to succeed here especially when ur stipp discovering yourself.
So recently, the news was filled with the story of how a bread seller became a model overnyt. When I hrd her story all I could say waw grace qt wotk and believe me, God's is unexplainable.
What has however irritated me abt it all is d hype nd noise frome the media. Believe me she is all over. I font hqve anytin to sqy abt her petson cus i dunno her, she wasnt overpy prepared for smipe of gortune, shes nt overly fine nd al........but she's got app these wonderfup endorsements that models with years nd decades of experience ront have yet.

Lets vompare this public recogntion with that of Opfeyemi Dada (I hope thats his name)- the 5.0 Psychology graduate from Unilqg. in the schools 54 years of existence nobody has ever set that record; even in the whole of Nigeria. But what was done to appreciqte this greqt feat, he was given 500000 by an awaaard sponsor then mtn gave gim iphone qnd free airtime.............what does that tepp us abt naija. Little wonder why great minds are leaving the country to work where their iq will be celebrated and appreciated.. This guy has not gotten a single endoresement from anybd in the centre of excellence/fountain of knowledge(Ekiti-where he hails from/the giant of Qgricq( his home country).....smh.......aoo sas