Sunday, July 19, 2015

tadah.....birthday post

Awwwwwwwwwww.........I can categorically say it that this year's birthday has been my best yet. Everything about it was just awesome.....I know I was really shy and mushy at some points but I enjoyed it all. The fact that even people that I had forgotten made it a point of duty to wish me a great day made me feel good. Awwwww my office folks nko, my Gs forgot about it but they made up for it eventually. Looool Umar got down on his knees for me......wish I could post pictures Ikeji was rily adorable, I can say I fell in love all over again.......I am just really happy. I look forward to a beautiful year. Heaven knows I am really optimistic and enthusiastic about this new year....Just wish me well and join me in praying that I find and fulfill my purpose beginning from now(im a purpose preacher but I havent found mine yet *sadly enuf*) and that God grants me my heart desires. I have some core heart desires that I sincerely want God to answer me speedily on.

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