Sunday, July 19, 2015

yayyy! Missed yu babyyy :*

Loool....but forreal iv missed being here. Ino I promised at least 1ce in a month but I'v been away since May; im sorry.
We really should be careful of what we wish for; I actually wished to be very busy because of something that was going on in my life then(I thought being very busy was the ideal way to handle it). Thank God for this sallah break else I won't have had the luxury of being here.

Enough of the prelude. I saw a talking image a while ago which got me really thinking and I thought to share here.

'I'm not a princess waiting to be saved by her prince, but a Queen who is an asset to her King"

Deeeep yea....I thought so too.

Many of us(ladies) identify weaknesses in ourselves and rather than work on them, we look for a man that can live with those weaknesses or better still a man that will help us overcome the weakness and then we tell ourselves we are not perfect beings. I have been through this lane too so I know just how we think in this regard.
I have met wonderful ladies who reoriented me unconsciously. Engee is an epitome of perfection, serzly this is one babe I would woo till I get a yes if I was a guy, I'm yet to see her flaws and I know her man knows he is blessed to have her. Mide, Chichi, Yisola and Temi are just a few of women that know their onions well.

Ever wondered why you always remain friends with these guys without any of them serzly wooing yu??? It is because you are lacking in what they want in a spouse. No offense intended here, but really it is the are simply not good enough and it has nothing to do with your looks, believe me. Your looks are secondary, the primary thing is for that focused guy to see you as a blessing/asset to him. As in the case of an employer and a job-seeker, the employer will only hire you if he sees you as being capable of adding to his organisation/ sees an untapped potential in you that will benefit his organisation. The bottom line is that he will only hire you if he sees you as an asset; and it is the same everywhere.

So my lady, enough of feeling like a princess with yourself and waiting for your Mr. Right(prince) to come and save you (marry you); rather you should work on yourself, equip yourself, make yourself indispensable, be productive, be valuable and I assure you that the bone of your bone will seek and find you out, he will woo you until you say yes and he will treasure you and do anything to keep you.............................................simply because everyone values assets.
If you dont have a job, find one; if you cant cook, start learning now; if you dont know how to dress well/use makeup, start learning now; if you are not bold/lack confidence, start building urself now; if you are not adding value yet, start adding now; if you are not living a purposeful life yet, biko go find you purpose and start living it now because really it is core, in everything just better yourself, make sure you have things to sell/share with people, be the envy of all, just be valuable.

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