Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Independence God's Choice Country

   Happy Independence to Nigeria!!!

Who is Nigeria to me? Nigeria is a fruitful, fertile and rich land that has the capacity to flow with milk and honey. Nigeria is a great country, very prosperous and mightily blessed. Nigeria is our own Jerusalem; sometimes I feel even God is certifying Nigeria as the new covenanted Israel.

We clocked 55 years today and all I can say is "Thank you Lord". Inspite of all the enormous challenges that we have faced since 1960, we are still standing strong and together as a nation. I believe so much in this nation. I am one of the few people who have learnt to appreciate this nation. We need to stop saying things like; nothing works in this nation/ Nigeria is corruption nationalised/there is no hope for this nation etc.............

Nigeria is not for the government, it is for everyone that has a Nigerian citizenship. We can't keep being negative about the nation and expect her to move forward, we can't continue to act indifferently to matters arising in the nation, we cant continue to run away from her and expect things to get better.

I look at the number of people that have relocated from Nigeria and I feel bad. Imagine if all these gifted hands/minds were still in the country, we would be better than USA but no! they would rather make America work than strive to make Nigeria work.

I look at people that are looking for a way to leave and I am even sadder. Just because you have been unable to get a job after 1/2/3 years of graduation is not enough reason to decide to leave this country. So many Nigerians are willing to hustle anyhow abroad but are not willing to do the same here just because they feel they are entitled to a good life here. I tell you, there is no way I am deserting this nation; as a matter of fact, the only reason why I desire an international M.Sc is because I want to be well/better equipped  to add value to this nation. If only many people shared this idea with me, we would have been singing a better song.

My appeal this day is particularly to people who have left Nigeria to further their studies abroad, please come back home!! Nigeria cannot attain a meaningful height with the calibre of people in government currently. We the young ones need to come back home after getting more knowledge to unseat these people that know nothing if Nigeria will ever develop. We cant keep deserting our country and saying Nigeria holds no future for us; WE ARE THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA and only us can ensure this truth.

#Newsflash- Heaven has decreed Nigeria's development and prosperity, so if you choose to be a part of it- good for you and if otherwise- what can I say. God who planted you in this nation surely had a reason for doing so, you should at least be able to come up with a perfect explanation why you deserted it when you get to heaven (especially if you are a believer). I don't even see what people see in USA in particular other than better education, so much evil and vice is going on there that I cant even exhaust if I start mentioning.

I believe in this nation, I believe God will disgrace the enemies of this nation and I am convinced Nigeria is better than any other country.

                            "Nigeria's growth/development/improvement is heavily dependent on the mindset/attitude/determination/actions of her people...Start the change you desire in this a change agent/catalyst"- Miibee

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