Friday, October 23, 2015

Do they really hear HIS voice??

This fateful night, I am actually typing this post with my left hand while eating 'Swallow' with my right hand; it is just very important that I do this before I forget.

Now I'm particular about young Christians (believers). Do they really hear a voice or do they just gamble and settle with the nice lady that spiritualises it and says "Okay, let Baba have HIS way.

I have heard stories of young men walking up to choice ladies ( truth to be told, the men  already admire these ladies before they "hear this voice"), telling them 'God revealed/said/told me that you are my wife'. Some of them end up marrying these women, while others don't because of one thing or the other, " I just know that God is not a Son of man that HE should repent".

I remember a certain vibrant, young believer that spoke to like three ladies before he married his wife just because he put the cart before the horse "he was looking/searching for a spouse instead of being totally sold out; I like to think that God interrupts men to start a relationship and get married not men deciding to one their own. At a point, I lost respect for the young man cause I saw him as a hustler; to me he was hustling for a wife.
I heard of a guy recently: this guy claims God told him that a particular sister is his wife. He went to meet the sister and the sister rejected his proposal; he kept at it until he got tired and moved on. Today he is in a relationship with another sister who he says he is not convinced about, and I'm wondering: if he was not convinced, then why did he start the relationship, what did he even tell the sister, did he lie to her, is he so desperate to have a spouse, what has happened to his faith, ...?

I think a lot of believers forget that the flesh also speaks and that it is daily struggle to suppress the flesh; I think we imagine that flesh is dead forever by works; forgetting that we are still to constantly beat our flesh under subjection.

Let me end this post with what the Holy Spirit taught me about a portion of Genesis.
1. Adam was very engrossed with God's work- He was diligent about his calling/ fulfilling purpose that he didn't even miss a fly.
2. God was the one that said it was not good for Adam to be alone- Adam never complained, I doubt if He ever desired it. It was God in the beauty and perfection of HIS creation and because of HIS master-plan that HE said it was not good for Adam to be alone and then HE caused Adam to sleep deep and took out of him to create the she-male and brought her to him. Many married men are still supposed to be single alas they have rushed to get married.

Seriously, it is not in the position of men to be looking for spouses. Tbh, if according to HIS plan and purpose for your life you are supposed to get married then you can be certain that the Alpha and Omega has fashioned her out for you already and will surely bring her to you, your only responsibility is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so you can discern when you see/meet her. Lets never ever make 'getting married' a goal/vision + it is not even compulsory. While I'm not certain because I've not confirmed yet, I sometimes feel like never getting married and believe you me "I will do excellently fine".

God didnt tell Adam that Eve was his wife, HE only brought her to him and Adam discerned because of his constant fellowship with God. In the same vein, HE will surely bring your wife to you just that i doubt He will say 'categorically' that she is your wife.

Just submit yourself to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Out of context but I still wanna share: It was my personal fear but I strongly feel that many believers fear it too, that GOD will give them a woman/man who doesn't meet their taste, who they won't be proud of, who they will find it difficult to love but I tell you that these are just gimmicks of the enemy.

The scriptures say " if ye who are... know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven...". The woman God will bring to you is and will definitely be the best because the Almighty knew you before you were formed and has also fashioned a suitable help-meet for you; and her helping you to fulfill purpose ni koko ninu oro.  
                                     "How many believers really know their purpose"??

The second thing is that God's gifts are not for unbroken/unbended people. It is a pity that there are many unbroken vibrant church workers. If you are not broken, you can hardly appreciate God's gift and treat her like the eyinojuoluwa that she is.

n.b * I concluded the post with my two hands after eating*

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