Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life of Service!

Well before Bayelsa happened, I never knew anything about a life of purpose, thank God I do now. Following the series of teachings by the Holy Spirit, I have realized that life, especially life as a believer is not all about going to school, getting a well-paying job, buying choicest things, showing off one's wealth on/off social media and saying Baba God noni, wearing designers, etc, like I used to; Life is all about serving others.

Following God's promise to me that the wealth of the heathen shall come to me, that I shall not build for others to inhabit, that the sons of foreigners will labour for me to enjoy, etc, I am sure that if I decided to just fold my hands and not work all my life I will not suffer lack because I have an understanding that my birthright is not to be doing a job primarily for an income ( If I get paid for doing a/my job then that would be an extra income :d) and so I am covered.

No wonder people are always unsatisfied with jobs regardless of what the HR personnel put in place to improve job satisfaction; whereas, it is just as simple as they knowing that the joy in serving others is what actually brings job satisfaction. The meaning of life lies with our service to others, with shining brightly as God's light so that men will glorify HIM, with being fruitful in good works, with being a blessing unto others, with manifesting as the children of God. The scriptures say that the world is eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God-----to do what??to rescue, save, salvage, make it a better place.

Meaning, until we manifest (serve with our divine deposits) the world can never be better than it is. MSCs, MBAs and PHDs will not make the world better, it is we the sons of God that are led by the Holy Spirit that will make the world better with our unique abilities. It is so cool to realize that Nigeria needs me to manifest for things to get better; without me and my siblings in Christ, She will hardly progress, She might just keep going in circles and if I should just decide to get carried away and start working for pay (in a foreign country) then She is on her own. She should even be thankful to God that some of us have discovered/ started discovering the true meaning of living on earth. Glory to God, we Sons need not worry about what we will eat,drink, wear, use, because we are more valuable than sparrows and silver & gold are HIS, He has got our back, and as such we can work happily to genuinely better the society.

IN A NUTSHELL, WE NEED MORE SONS. NIGERIA, AFRICA& THE WORLD AT LARGE WILL ONLY GET BETTER BECAUSE OF THE AVAILABILITY OF SONS WHO ARE AWARE OF THEIR HERITAGE............I didn't even plan this post let alone plan it this way but this is a reawakening/hit (Thank You Holy Spirit), We need to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, we need to make/harvest sons!!!!!

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