Monday, May 4, 2015

God mercies kept me, so I wouldnt let go

So I just recapped my  visit to OAU which afforded me the opportunity to see some QC friends and I have been able to reflect on how far God has kept me. I also discovered that I have been a shy person since pry school days, just that I had potentials which always announced me first, but the reverse was the case from my senior secondary school days especially till I completed my University education- well that is by the way!

As a QC girl, everybody later became aware that I was a scholar material and a maths guru too and this helped me become popular and to have many friends. Well, I wasn't a Christian then so it  wasn't difficult for me to blend well, start breaking rules, flouting orders and being rude. But something I just realised is that though God allowed me to live life my way, he was always watching over me and kept me from taking some drastic actions; I do not know why He did it but now that that I can see, I am very grateful that He did. I said something unknowingly "that it was when I started blending with others that I began to enjoy school" which got me thinking much later.

I remember when I bailed out of school in between the WAEC exams. I was bored in school and I had just one more paper to go (further maths) but it was 3/4 days away and so I disguised as a day student (I was a boarder) and left school to stay with a friend. I learnt some lessons which shaped my life a bit from that day.
Lesson #1- Never to bail out of school again:- This was the major lesson I learnt that day and so I couldn't even leave school during NECO exams though it was boring and lonely in the boarding house but mehn, I bore my cross that period. I was stranded when I bailed out of school during WAEC. My friend eventually didn't come to pick me that day and I had to sleep in another friend's house that stayed in Yaba because I couldn't go back to school again- I dint want to put myself in trouble. Before I finally called up the other friend at about to 12 am, I was still on the road and I was very scared especially because many guys were still on the road and I could have been raped/harassed (they finished playing the Chelsea-Arsenal match while I was on the road).
Lesson #2- Never to go to a club again:- Though nothing particular happened to me in those clubs, something happened just as I was coming down from the taxi; I slammed the door against my finger. I don't know how it happened, I just know I slammed the door against my finger, blood gushed out from it and my finger nail broke(you can just imagine how painful it must have been). As if that was not enough, whether it was stolen or I lost it, all I know is that I didn't return to my friend's house that night with my phone.
      To crown it all, I now fell ill and I was vomiting and stooling. Finally when I got back to school on my exam day I felt very somehow- I knew I wasn't ready 1 bit but I went in trusting on my maths skills. when the results finally came I had A1 in mathematics and F9 in further maths (the only stain to my result). When NECO came I wasn't still serious and I had the courage to absent myself from account exam though I was in school. When the result finally came, I was so happy that they put dash (-) against it for me because I was able to lie that it was NECO that made the mistake when I was explaining it to my dad..

God kept me even in Uni,in spite of my exposure and my kind of friends. He allowed the spirit of timidity to suppress me and like it or not, as evil as that spirit was, timidity is actually the reason I didn't take some drastic action. Believe me everything that has a disadvantage also has an advantage(and vice versa) and that is why it is always important to thank the Almighty regardless of the situation you might be facing.
All I can say is thank you Lord. Being the Alpha and the Omega, you who knows my future and who knew that some actions will mar my kind of person for life kept me back from taking them. Am I not blessed?? To have had the mercy of the most high even when I was swimming in Sin

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