Wednesday, May 6, 2015

my tiny voice :(

I randomly want to voice out. Okay, before I really did not like my voice, later I started liking it and currently I am beginning not to like it. As a matter of fact, I really don't like it again. It is very saddening that even when I try to harden my voice, its softness eventually comes out.

Thinking now, I should have just taken the advice of a friend's friend who advised me to take weed back in those days (just joking, but I'm serious too). I honestly want to sound convincing and matured not like a jambite. It is only when people take the pain to hear what I have to say that they realise I am not that young.

Coupled with my petite stature, lots of people think that I am still a teenager and it is very annoying. It is more annoying that younger friends feel that they are older and try to even act like they are actually older than you. The most annoying part is that people don't take you serious; for my kind of person you are likely not to know when I am angry because somehow somehow I never sound angry and that's why I had to devise the method of silent treatment. Now it is only when I am giving them attitude/ keeping to myself/ giving them one word answers/ ignoring them that they start guessing that I am not happy with them
Tope is a very very typical example, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I wish I could beat him up

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