Monday, May 4, 2015

I am not a hater tho

yaaay we are in May, all glory to God! I just remembered something that propelled to write this post which centers on courtesy-ing contacts (loool). After the words "I Love you", I think "you/he/she are/is my friend" are the next abused/misused words. How do some people manage to title every body they know "a friend" and how do some people manage to have new best-friends everywhere they go; as my twin brother will say "they aint loyal".

Starting with the latter, I don't think it is possible for you to be having best friends at different points of your life if you know what you are doing; especially when it is not like the previous one died. I mean maybe it is possible, but it is not logical for a right thinking person. A best-friend is a bff (best friend forever); I have seen people change best-friends like they are changing clothes and I wonder, whatever happened to the forever part in your case? It is no news that it is impossible to remain in one place/spot/level all your life and so you will be meeting new people are different times, but the ability to maintain a very good relationship with your friends irrespective of time and distance is one of the many things I feel makes an individual beautiful.
You don't even have to necessarily title anybody best-friend. Just have a group of best buddies and chill till you have a spouse then he/she will be your best friend, shikena!

Now to the matter of those that like to call everybody friend. Seriously, I am not a hater, I just find it rather somehow when you call acquaintances friends. Till tomorrow, some contacts will never proceed beyond that acquaintance lane so leave it that way. The fact that you once knew somebody or you have met somebody before doesn't make him/her your friend; for me friendship is too sacred and special to generalise like that. It pisses me off when I hear "Oh her, yes I know her, she's my friend" from you and from her I hear" oh that lady, yes I remember her, we were level mates in school" no strings attached. I honestly believe that you can relate to my displeasure.
Please henceforth do well to differentiate them especially if you are gisting with me :*

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