Sunday, September 14, 2014

children are the heritage of the lord


it is funny how today people see getting pregnant and giving birth immediately after wedding as a normal thing. It is not a common is by God's favour and mercy that you conceive and put to bed successfully and THAT my dear shouldn't be overlooked.

It pains me when I hear stories of how a husband or some in-laws are victimizing a woman because of her inability to give birth. Have we forgotten so soon that that beautiful gift has nothing to do with with biology, neither does it have anything to do with money or even interest(so many people conceive when they are not even ready for children) and remember that all that HE created is good. God didn't create any barren woman, it is only a delay, and so though it tarry, wait for it for it shall surely come.

Testimonies about childbirth after 7, 9, 11, 13, 17,19 years move me to tears. I mean who else could have done it, if not God; It even makes me respect the men in question who didn't give-up on their wives.
Honestly, two become one not basically for procreation...Children are just a gift that come with the union. The height is just men that say marriage will not take place until their wives conceive...Please my sister if you are in that situation, biko dust your shoes and run for your life. That man is not your destined husband, even God is not in support of fornication so better repent and take your leave. Regardless of your age, in due time your own husband will come for you.

At the end of the day, it is not how early or late you had your children  that matters, neither is it how many you have and so if you have them now, bless God and train them well and if you don't continue to wait on the lord and learn how to train them well because surely you will give an account of all the children of your womb.

n.b- i even recently heard that if your children are going to hell fire, you a a parent will defnitly go to that hell fire because you are solely responsible for them.

God help me....likewise pray for God to help you toooo so we all would not  be found wanting.

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