Sunday, September 14, 2014

christianity (my opinion)

Christianity is neither as hard nor is it as simple as some people paint it. Even the bible says we should work out our salvation with fear and i wonder, why do we have so many people who make it look like Christianity is one piece of cake while some people some others just make it look like its a die-hard affair....i mean my Daddy is not a complicated God.

i have a friend who is as skinny as her jeans with nothing to entice a guy, she is even a tom-boy, but she just loves skinny jeans because they make her look smart and yes she is a christian. the emphasis should not be on the form of dressing, it should be the decency in the dressing. i hope you have noticed that people are cutting it low on trousers already because of heat and are moving to gowns and maxi skirts. lets talk on gown first; the short gowns are freaking short and the long gowns have this sex appeal attached to them that even i can't explain; moving to skirts, the short ones are a death sentence to the beholder while the long ones are a bit okay, just that they can sometimes be seductive. so tell me, who would you rather call me a christian? The one in a very short gown/ the one in a hugging pencil skirt/ or the one simply wearing trousers. I just believe there is a place of conviction in our complete appearance. If God tells me to stop wearing make-up or stop using hair extensions then I will, otherwise I continue.

There is one misconception in Christendom which I really refute. Honestly, you can be cool, calm, quiet and collected as a christian but not complacent. There is no room for complacency in Christendom and so it annoys me whenever I see people who embrace complacency all in the name of true Christianity. Another similar but still different one is passiveness and being boring; honestly these are some things that dissuaded me from accepting Christ on time. As an unbeliever/ new convert struggling with the decision to be in Christ, I found the idea of now living a boring life very hard to accept. I never liked my church because of this reason, I never even associated with Christians that much because I found them overly boring....Thank God I finally accepted Christ and now I love fellowship-ing with the brethren, however I still don't like boring and passive Christians (though I found myself becoming one when I first became a Christian).

Now unto those people that make Christianity look like a piece of cake....To be candid, Christianity is not beans on this earth. We have so many people who have a form of Godliness but are denying the power thereof. So many titled  female Christians want a well to do and good-looking, social spouse who definitely will pressure them for sex. They don't see anything wrong in fornication as long as they are with their dream guys. So many Christian guys will not even abstain when you enter a relationship with them ( especially when they are not buoyant for wedding yet). It sickens me when I hear acclaimed christian females who don't want virgin husbands and vice versa (what is happening to Christians of today). Onto another one: I feel Christians don't have enough love, we are judgmental and stereotyped(I am very guilty of this as well) and that is why some people still prefer the company of unbelievers because truthfully those people will embrace you irrespective of how it happened. May God help we Christians to live that exemplary life of Christ!

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