Sunday, September 14, 2014


mon chere

il ya des quelque choses about mide. she is God-fearing, plucky, beautiful, smart, sweet, comely, fire-branded, stubborn, fun-loving, brilliant and i can go on and on, above all elle est mon amie et je s'aime!!!. she is a charismatic queen< i titled her that, and several others attested to it>. i remember i singled her out right from the first time i saw her, and i told myself that i wanted to be her friend. Funnily  enough, in the history of our friendship, she made the first attempt( :D i know right, i am an awesome person).

she is every reasonable guy's dream. even the unreasonable ones too always like her, but then the Holy spirit chases them away before they cause problems. i mean who wouldn't like her, i have heard stories of how guys liked her and wished to have a chance with her only to receive ela :p. i have also had to laugh when i hear things like, she gisted me about her boyfriend/ she showed me his pics; it wasn't needed...i wasn't going to ask her out. loooolz, we all know what would have followed if she didn't act that way and encouraged you/gave you hope. no, my mide is a "show-stopper", she just needs to walk in and you will definitely notice her. she always looks elegant and on-point. i have seen cases of respected admirers that she stylishly tells no.....i always laugh. **** is so lucky to have her...she is one loyal, honest and committed partner.

erm, why is this post about her- i don't know.....i just really love and miss her, she is one person i can really talk to and i really look up to her. wow... she enjoys teasing me and i miss that soo much and she is very annoying too. i find me asking myself why i love her this much, despite the fact that she is very bad at keeping-in-touch.


  1. Can somebody explain how it feels when the Holy Spirit tells you today, that the reason you went to far away Bayelsa is to meet 2 ppl who had gone ahead of you because He had a special assignment for them there, and so it was compulsory that you had to be posted there, you redeployment application had to fail and you had to be affiliated with NCCF.

  2. well Damilola is one of the 'two'....she has been a blessing to me with/without her knowledge and I am grateful that I met her....Actually, I will always be grateful that GOD used her for me....The number one person that indirectl introduced me to the person of the Holy Spirit

  3. you knw how it feels when you know God loved you first and assigned destiny helpers to you, thats exactl how I feel. My mentor, my big-sis, my Ore, thank God for His grace upon you.

    i still remba dat day she said Holy Spirit told her to come and talk to me...........

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  5. Oluwakemi, hmmmm. This is an interesting blog and most importantly a reflective post. May the Lord grant us all the Grace we need to run the race before us. You are much Loved and Cherished. The world awaits your manifestation because you are the Daughter of the Most High. Hugs!