Thursday, April 23, 2015

ah ha!

I heard something this evening. "Let every man love his wife, and all wives should submit themselves to their husbands".Okay, according to the person that was talking said every woman is mandated by God to submit herself to her husband, and this submission comes first by the husband loving her. In loving a woman, you must spend on her, respect her, cherish her and value her; bottom line you cant truly love a woman if you don't have money. Lets not be mistaken here, not having money is way different from not being financially buoyant, some guys don't actually have money and they want to have girlfriends, please how do you want to go about the relationship; won't you be calling her everyday, won't you buy her gifts occasionally, won't you pay her visits, well you need money for all that.

I heard that the best time to find out the monster in all men is when they don't have money; they just become aggressive, uncaring, withdrawn, rude. I heard of circumstances where the men started blaming their wives for their misfortune, I have seen cases where the man just becomes an unloving and aggressive stranger just because he no longer has money; when they don't have money, they become sad people and believe me "you cant give what you don't have". You can't be sad an expect to make your wife happy, you will frustrate her with your sadness which is pretty sad

Whatever happened to the joy of the Lord; is that joy now attached to having money?? Why do men in particular become monsters when they don't have money and when they have this money they want to show off. Do we still have God fearing people in this world??????

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