Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oluwaseunfunmi, Mon Ami de VIE!

So after a break of about 6 months(feels like 6 years), miibee is back here and this come back was inspired by my paddy paddy which is why this particular post will be about him (God help me to be consistent with this blog, at least once in a month).
Inspite of the fact that he has a very common name, he has successfully made it to the list of my bestest seuns in the world. This is one guy that I am absolutely grateful to God that he came my way and I pray we remain friends forever. Known him for just about a year and a half and it feels like I have known since we were toddlers. He's my very own brother (who my mum never told me about) that I left Lagos to find in faraway Bayelsa, He's a friend turned family :D. We are #teamunilag but till tomorrow, I still wonder why I neva met/knew him while we were in school, I guess I would have shunned him(not because I was a snub oo, but really hes not just my kind of person) and perfect God brought forward our friendship to NYSC just because it was bound to happen. I am very positive that I wouldnt have regarded him if I came in batch A and so, perfect God again brought me with batch B (that waiting period humbled me *covers face*).

He wasn't one of the first friends I made in Bayelsa, but he definitely was one of my best friends by the time I was leaving; one of the very few people that helped me never to regret my failure to redeploy from Bayelsa. I mean, he was one of the very few that made my NYSC year a pleasant one(I just remembered when i first moved to Polaku *covers face*, "baby like me"). He has been a very wonderful friend and I hope I have also been a good friend to him too. I know he calls me bestie and all, I just really hope that I have really been a best-friend to him because I am very aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings though in everything I always try to be the friend I want in others. Did I mention he is one guy I am very free with, over free sef is worrying me ( Guess thats what helped me to accept him as my brother because seriously mummy did not telme about him...lol). Anyways, you all should watch out for him, seriously he is a great kid- greatness lies on his inside and eyin babes, he has clean records, u definitely don't want to miss him.
I just want to say that I wish him the very best in this life. Nigeria would be a much better place if it was filled with the likes of him( though I think naija would be very boring too), besides he deserves the best because he is a good and responsible guy. As small as he is, I have actually learnt quite a lot from him; from his actions, words, our quarrels( believe me, he is very annoying- we don't even quarrel that much again, I hope we are not drifting apart, I guess its maturity :D), his advice and so much more.

Currently he is trying to be a big brother to me (but hez my most adorable younger brother *teddy bear hug*) , I appreciate his efforts though; that's what friendship is all about. "iron sharpening iron". I really hope that this his masters with full scholarship application becomes successful. Though I know I will really miss him when he goes, I really pray he goes- just because he deserves this masters program and because I know God is with him. wow 2 years is a pretty long time, that's around 2017; God being very gracious to me I pray to be married by then.

curtain falls!

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