Monday, March 30, 2015

I and Bayelsa

Bayelsa, Bayelsa, Bayelsa....I remember how heartbroken I was when  Kemi told me on our trip to Ilesa that I was posted to Bayelsa. Of the four of us that where delayed to go in Batch B I was the only one going that far. Tinuke was posted to Oyo, Diana was to Ogun and Kemi was initially posted to Osun but She redeployed to Oyo while in camp.  You can't imagine how I felt; It was even Bammie that made me feel better. Bammie was a batch A corper posted to Enugu who had always wished for me to come join her there and so when I told her it was Bayelsa, she felt bad that it wasnt Enugu but she encouraged me to be of good cheer that I would enjoy it.

That didn't console me at all. When I got to Orientation camp I started making moves to redeploy.  Not even with all the razz people around; I couldn't imagine living one year in a foreign land with these kind of people. My sister even helped me to get one doctor's report that I kept on renouncing its contents. Initially when I opened it on my phone (because it was scanned to my mail) I felt bad. I hated the idea of having to claim this disease just because I wanted to redeploy but I did it anyways. I printed, submitted, was shortlisted and I went for the interview(lol). Just in case you don't know, I am very bad at lying and so I wasn't very convincing though I tried to, besides there was nepotism and I just decide not to indulge in it (the CMD was Tosin's friend, I could have just used him to influence it, afterall it worked for Tosin).

So as you are guessing already, I was denied the grace to redeploy, I cried ehn! Seriously it pained me, but before then I had already met Uncle who God was using to teach me to accept BY as his plan for me. I really wanted to redeploy but I wasn't attempting to go extra lengths to ensure it because I was accepting His will. I just painfully told myself that I wasn't going to work it/ lobby for it. Thank God for Uncle sha, he was really there for me that period. My involvement with NCCF was because of him. He didn't even allow me to stray away, he was always watching my back 24/7. Either on the last day of camp or the day before, he called to ask what my plan was after camp and I was like find my P.P.A somehow and Lagos all the way. I remember he was like, i'm not going anywhere on my own, that I was going to go with him to NCCF family house, then P.P.A next day, then rural rugged, then home and that was how NYSC in BY started for me.

I got back a month earlier than expected because of Zenith Bank and I had family house to stay all thanks to Uncle who is my BY blessing #1; okay that's about it. Like I've been telling people, the total number of friends I had in BY in 1 year is more than the number of friends I had after 4 years in UNILAG. I had the opportunity of living my life just my way, not trying to be in any body's good books or to impress anybody and I enjoyed every ounce of it.

hmmmn....prior to coming to BY, I just wanted to survive life, get a job after service, get married, have kids, train them well, have cars, gadgets, clothes, accessories and all; but all that changed after I met some people. I was privileged to meet some people who taught me that life goes beyond amassing wealth and just enjoying the pleasures of life. Today, I desire so much to live a fulfilling life, to be a philanthropist, to finance peoples' education, to support many good causes, to be an important person in my generation, all thanks to God through them. However, I'm still awaiting the greater good of my serving in BY. I have heard the good news from different people that resulted from serving in BY. Initially, I thought it was going to be immediate employment; so I keyed into Dammie, Jobi and Seun's testimonies and I seriously prayed towards it. I remember how confused I was whether to carry all my belongings to Lagos or to leave some in Bayelsa and return later. Thank God for how it turned out still. At least now I know that the greater good attached to my serving in BY is still pending, however I want it now. O Lord please!!!! I want to know/feel/certify that my serving in BY was divinely orchestrated.

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