Wednesday, March 25, 2015

classy me *dancing*

*for my mind* huh???

Don't mind me. So I just remembered this incident in QC when 1 senior sent I and my friend to go get something(can't remember what it was) at all cost and when we returned she asked us how we got it, if we went begging for it. I think my friend said yes and then she turned to me and asked if I also went begging and I just responded: I didn't go begging, I went asking! she just looked at me and said "you are classy" :D.

Maybe this is what so many people that say I am buti( aje butter) actually mean to say, because I have been saying it and I will continue to say it; I am not one. I was not born with a silver spoon, neither did I grow up with one in my mouth. Seriously, forget the fact that I went to one of the best schools in Nigeria; it wasn't our doing, it was God's. That was his gift/reward/blessing to my dad and I won't lose sight of it( maybe I did at some point).

I still remembered the day I para-ed for Emeke, Emeke is my personal person but I expected him to have known better. Just because he was in a relaxed mode with his guys and I was being classy not buti and we were talking about so many things. I can't remember exactly what led to it, I just know he said "don't mind Kemi oo, she b unilag babe, dyuno she finished from QC?". You needed to have seen me that day, I was very angry with him. He noticed, asked why, apologised, never mentioned it again and that settled it. He even covered up for me one day his friend asked where my twin brother was.

Yea rate me high, think highly of me after-all I'm my father's queen but let it be based on how we interact not on the schools I went to, or how I speak ( people forge accent). I remember back in school then when my roommate asked me to lend her 100000, tbh I was elated, Like seriously, after assessing me , you are convinced I must have more than 100000 and so I should be able to lend it to you. I just told her "I claim it dear", really soon I will be basking in millions.

During nysc, I remember some people telling me they are sure that I am very connected and that sure job is waiting for me, what of **** that said he is 100% sure that I have an inheritance in my father's will waiting for me and **** that made me give him my touch phone just because he felt I had the means of getting a new one at ease. Seriously I have even lost count of how many times this particular misconception came-up during my service year.(I guess I have a very rosy and beautiful future).

Even at Poise, I remember how surprised Anderson was, when I worked in a factory with him (he was so surprised and couldn't contain/hide it). He told me he had always felt I was buti and never thought i would have enjoyed the one day job in a factory. I was even surprised when he said it because I know I was very swag-less while I was at Poise.

Even now that if you shake me left, right, front, back, center, anyhow and you cash all the money I have in bank, the numerical value is not up to #1000 ( I know you will find it hard to believe but seriously I will rather not tell you than lie), it is interesting to know that some people still think highly of me, like I am one buxed-up chick with no worries asking me to recharge their phones,lend them money and all.

...What more can I say? I am grateful to God! I can't explain it but really I am thankful. I sincerely pray to be truthfully buoyant so that I can actually help people. I am classy and will be prosperous in addition.

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