Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's that Personal Significance

"Life has gone beyond living and just being rich, to finding your voice and helping others to find theirs"- bioye

Just in case you haven't realized, it will interest you to know that nobody is on earth to mark register. We have all come here at different times( yes, even twins came at different times) with different purposes and so it will be a shame if after all the wealth amassed and property acquired you still feel empty or unfulfilled(which is how you will feel if you don't live out your personal significance).

I remember the words of Myles Munroe- "Live full and die empty". This is a very deep watchword in every of your preparation towards retirement or eternal life.

We hear this phrase "live your life to the fullest" very often, but do we really know what it means. I am aware of the common perception people have regarding this phrase, but should I tell you something; it doesn't mean you should live your life chilling and lounging all through. It means live life to maximize that unique potential that you have, live life letting the world have a feel of your personal significance.
I envy public speakers a lot when I see them doing what they do best. There's no how you will miss that excitement, that sense of fulfillment in them. They just love what they do and strive to get better everyday. P.dams, Martin and Folake are young speakers that challenge me to take the bull by the horn and live my personal significance. Honestly, I wish I could do what they do presently, but I know that I will do even greater though in a different capacity but still touching lives.

Yes "touching lives and affecting lives positively", this core essence of our existence cannot be overemphasized. One hard truth is that a life that doesn't touch lives is one that shouldn't have been lived at all( it definitely is not worth living) and believe me, you can affect lives in soo many ways and so it is really unforgivable to be found wanting in that aspect.
I desire to prosper in wealth, but then it is not for me to be acquiring properties for generations yet unborn. I and my family will live comfortable lives, my children will go to good schools but even people that don't know me will have a feel of my wealth. That's my personal significance- and God who has helped me to realize it will empower me to carry it out effectively.

Today, promise me you will prioritize finding your voice, touching lives, being a blessing to thousands, being a part of several success stories and living a life worthy of emulation as this is the only way we can move from living for effectiveness to living in greatness. Remember, always live your life to the glory of HIM who has called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous light, find your voice and help others to find theirs.

- inspired from Stephen Covey's "the 8th habit"

"all that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"----Edmund Burk

n.b- I read something today where I learnt that our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Help them find their happiness and you will find your own happiness too.....learn to put a smile on someone's face and you will also smile"

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