Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So as the day goes, I feel it more. I am so close to smiling, being happy and beginning to live that fulfilling life, Im not sure I have said this before but my greatest fear in life is not dying neither is it losing a loved one, It is not fulfilling purpose. Most of my unhappiness since realisation was caused by non-fulfillment. ANY time I see the likes of Pst Dami, Toju, Timi, Mayowa, Debo, Bisola, Tayo, it saddens me. I have always feared my mates excelling beyond me and guess what it has always happened. Now Im convinced it always happened only for me to learn; and the longer it took me to learn, the more it happened. Im not established yet; even as a young lady, I haven't started the journey let alone say that I have not got to my destination yet, but I am confident that I will start, overtake and dominate. I will make God happy to have sent me to earth. I refuse to live the life of a chicken(meaningless life) and I denounce any iota of poverty lurking around me(tbh I have felt what it is like to be in lack this period).

My immediate ache has just been the timing, I want it now. Feels like the world is eagerly awaiting my manifestation and sadly enough I am yet to catch a glimpse of this manifestation. Im tired of avoiding calls, or having to listen to people who make you feel like the reason all is not going as desired is because you are in sin/you dont know how to pray/ provoke God to work in your favor; People like Kunle just make me feel better; I know I have a good heritage :D.
*chuckles* I know I want new friends but seriously if it must be now then they have to be matured minds not people that will piss me off when im trying to reason with them.

watching out for miibee one month from now, 6 months from now, I year from now, 3 yrs from now and 5 years from now and frankly speaking I am excited.

"should I include this, should I....i better not- It is for my knowledge only"
#God's mercy, favor and grace be with me*
#wish me luck abi all the best*
#you, yes you are next in line
#HappymeSmiling meDancing meGrateful me*

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