Sunday, April 5, 2015

in my mind's eye

So I'm wondering, do believers really have a good reward on earth?? Maybe that's not really the question, but what I am driving at is "what explains the reason why it always appears that unbelievers at the only ones flourishing"?

Okay, God doesn't think the way I think; but this is really puzzling. While we were in school, believers and unbelievers had equal chances alike. It was more of a " if you cant work your way up, then be diligent" kind of thing. Fair enough! What happened after school, I found out many people started working after school and that's before commencing NYSC and they were earning cool cash and building their CV. Initially I thought it had to do with finishing with good grades; I was surprised to find out that even 2:2 and 3rd  class graduates alike were working in reputable organisations too.

When NYSC finally came, while we were flung here and there; so many people redeployed so as to allow them continue working where they were and today while I am yet to have 1 month experience, they are celebrating 1 year/2 years work experience with a reasonably sized account balance to show for it and it gets me wondering again, doesn't it pay to be street smart in securing your future???

After NYSC nko?? People like me that couldn't redeploy/ couldn't redeploy to desired locations started job searching. Telme, what explanation do you have for 2 friends who went to the same school, were in same class, they are best friends and now they are colleagues? What of 2:2  and 3rd class graduates working in organisations that do not accept below 2:1? Does it really pay to "wait for it, tho it tarry". Everyday, Tinuke's bbm update floods my mind; her update meant that when she had struggled to get to the top, those who waited for it will be staggering after her. And again I am wondering, should a believer be mocked for trusting God to get an appointment letter one day to resume work??

What of marriage, have you noticed that believers do not get married young?? That's a recent observation tho and I stand corrected! In my church for one; 3 of our Sunday school female teachers are still unmarried( I don't know if they are more than 3, but I am sure of these 3) and the more puzzling part is that the youngest of them should be 28/29 and they are not even in courtship yet. Today the pastor shared the testimony of a 51 year old classmate who was just getting married for the first time and I was like WTH! I don't like that. She even went further to say she took 2 church sisters with her( 39 and 42) to the wedding to encourage them not to lose hope. But seriously, I don't understand why....should it be this way for believers. These are the things that make unbelievers think that their lifestyle is better-off whereas it should be the other way round. Our reward should not only be in heaven, it should start from earth.

Finally, about fruit of the womb. I know it is God Almighty that gives this gift and I wonder why a woman who got married as a virgin would wait so many years before conception; not even with a single miscarriage. And then an unbeliever abi a church goer( I have been using unbeliever since, but I actually mean church goers; because Christians of today prefer to be living their lives as they please, and still go to church just so that they can hide under the canopy of being Christians) will start sleeping with her spouse once they start dating and then she gets pregnant. These days, it is pregnancy that makes many men marry; they are comfortable, they can take care of a family, they are just not responsible enough or bold enough to ask hers to marry hims; and so once their girlfriend says she is pregnant, it gives them boldness to start wedding plans.
And to what end is this whole chastity thing and keeping the bed undefiled if a believer would have to be in tears after marriage? Have you even noticed that these unbelievers get married early (I am speaking for females here) and they get married to rich guys too( getting married to a rich guy is not my target tho).

Should being a believer be a thing of reproach? Does being a true christian have anything to do with living a mediocre life?? Does living as a true christian mean you are only on earth to endure and work out your salvation with tears and worries? Does being a believer mean that you are not entitled to living a happy life other than the inner joy of eternal life?? Honestly, there are contacts I have been avoiding since I finished secondary school; but I want to reconnect  with them and I don't want to feel like they are living better lives, rather I want them to see that I am equally doing and looking well and that I have something that they do not have.

In my opinion, I feel that the inner peace/joy believers have, should be a plus and not be the sole thing we hold onto. Unbelievers should see us and turn to God because of what they can see in us. Believers should live in prosperity, and yes I mean prosperity not riches and lets see if an unbeliever will not want to try out our God. What's the essence if at age 29, I am not yet engaged and all my sexual hormones are already activated and I find myself struggling not to entertain the idea of fornication in my mind, whereas my mates that dated while in school are comfortably and happily married with 2/3 children. How on earth will I even want to attend our secondary school reunion party? Can I face people this way?? I don't even have a serious job yet; is this life??

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  1. One of my greatest prayer points is for God to give me a voice and to help me to be able to lift up my head in public.
    For him to absolutely take away every of my reproach...I dunno, I dunno but a christian should be shinning so much that men will see God's work in him/her and glorify God's Holy name, shikena! That's the christianity I dream of