Monday, April 13, 2015

but serzli.....

But seriously, which is harder for a female??? To be engaged to your spouse yet still having numerous admirers who will never stop admiring, and to be single while having to deal with the numerous relationship requests from guys.
Personally, I think the former is easier; at least, you have the dilemma of the choice of a spouse settled and so you can appropriately deal with all your know the ones to send off totally and the ones to renew their minds( you both will now settle for a brother-sister relationship), besides whether you are single/engaged/even married, admirers will always come.

Every single lady surely wants to leave that lane and so she already has that to worry about. The different guys that will keep telling you that they like you just compound the issue. Especially when you want a particular type of guy(God-fearing) and the guys coming around "think" they are God-fearing but you are convinced that none of them is the one. Mind it, you don't want to date a guy because he seems to like God and can speak good English nor do you want to date him because he is caring and matured, you want to date him because you have that inner conviction about him and because you can see 1000+years with him.

                      "you are still waiting for a perfect man abi; stop being a perfectionist, there is no                                   perfect person. I really hope that after refusing me now, you wont be begging me to                             accept you in later years"

Imagine a guy telling you this arrant nonsense just because you allowed him to even linger as a friend. That's the plight of single ladies with a focus; you don't want to wade off good guys that are showing interest, because you really can't tell who he is; you don't want to appear rude to them; you don't want them to feel like they are not men enough; you don't want to appear insane( because that's what you appear to be when a 3rd party is aware you are rejecting a guy deemed to be a "good-guy"; as if its just a "good guy" you want) only to get this kind of response. You cant even be honest with them when they ask about your oga 2,3,4 months later when you are still single and you know they are still interested.

This struggle about finding Mr. right tho! Let me just say it now, all because I have a date in mind to get married, I am hoping that I've met him already because before I say I do, I actually want us to have shared moments, for us to built a solid relationship with our new families, for us to have influenced each others lives greatly and for us to have recorded strategic achievements even as intending couples and I don't see me doing all these with somebody I haven't met yet; but seriously if he happens to be somebody I know already, I won't take it lightly with him for keeping me waiting all this while. #enoughsaid

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