Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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I'm feeling very cool with myself this moment *wide smile*. So I stumbled on this wonderful piece which has helped me to know that I am not alone on this issue. You guessed right! yes, its the issue about marriages and how marriage has lost its calling. According to this write-up, Marriage was primarily introduced for man and woman to come together to help man(them both) to fulfill destiny; but today that core importance has been lost and marriage is now a far cry from what it is supposed to be. It went further to say that marriages today are borne out of selfish reasons and also to escape lust, GBAM!!

Hmmmnnnnnnn, very synonymous to my view. Lets start with the fact that only very few men know their calling and only few women can identify the men they are supposed to help; which explains the futile marriages here and there. As a purposeless man, you defnitely can't search for a purposeful woman(just because there is no purpose to start with); the best you can do is to find a well behaved girl with good looks and marry her to escape lust(thats if you are not yet indulging in it) or to join the married people's league; which are both selfish reasons.

As a woman who thinks she is well of age, you want to quickly get pregnant and give birth to your kids hopefully before you are age 30/35, and so all you can think of is any well-mannered man that will come ask for your hand in marriage/ or a marriage proposal from your boyfriend( that's to those who have boyfriends). As a man you are only ready to settle after you have had a B.Sc, an M.Sc and even sometimes a P.hd, bottom line- it is until you think you have hammered before you will start considering the idea of marriage, you are not interested in finding out if God had purposed her to play a role in your life during your B.Sc or M.Sc, all you know is that you are not ready; no wonder some ladies strategically get pregnant for their never ready guys so that he can marry them quickly... All for selfish reasons!

What can I say, God help me and God help you! May He direct us with his wisdom per time as enough justice can never be done to this topic on the screen...

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