Sunday, April 19, 2015


So I noticed that the previous post was getting too long and decided to continue here. Okay we were talking about how insensitivity on both parties has caused many marriages to crash. Imagine a woman will get married as a fine woman and after months/years, all in the name of marriage she will now become unattractive to her husband, some women even allow themselves to become all fat and lazy just because they are now married. The men just become something else all in the name of being the head of the family. It is the woman that will cook, that will wash clothes, that will even iron the clothes, all they do is just eat food, read newspaper, watch news/sports and demand for sex at night.

A little about myself here; I can do any domestic chore for any guy that I see as a friend. I have been to few rooms and offered to clean the dirty dishes, arrange the room, fold the clothes and I have once been tempted to offer to wash clothes, but I changed my mind because I didn't want him to start thinking of me beyond mere friendship or to even start taking me for granted (guys can really misunderstand little gestures); so you see, I can do much more for my spouse. The clause here is just that the moment you start making it look like it is your right and my duty to do those things, believe me I will stop because I have zero tolerance for being taken for granted.  The house chore I dislike the most is cleaning dirty dishes, but if I do it for you, it is because I value you. The only reason I don't use that washing machine  anymore is because I wash cleaner and faster than it, otherwise I would have been using it for my laundry ; so if I wash your clothes, please for the sake of that high regard I have for you, don't just take me for granted.

Lording over the house is not what makes you the head of the family, even Jesus said that the head should first be a servant and serve others not trample on others. They even make it look like it is your duty as a wife and their right as the husband to wash and iron for them. for crying out loud; partaking in house chores and domestic activities doesn't mean you are you will no longer be the head, Personally, it will make me cherish you the more if you can just help out once in a while!

So I stumbled on this post online; My wife does not work!
Who makes breakfast for your family in the morning- wife noni
At what time does she wake up- 5am because she cleans the house first before making breakfast
How do your kids go to school- my wife takes them to school
After taking them to school nko- She goes to the market and then goes back home for cooking and laundry
What do you do after you come back from office- Take rest because im tired due to the day's work
What does your wife do the- She prepares meals, serves the kids, serves me, cleans the dishes, tidies the house before taking the kids to bed.

and yet oo,the man thinks she doesn't work because she doesn't have money. What I hear, is that today every woman must fast and pray that she always has a gainful employment because men(husbands) are no longer generous with their monies. Not having a job and having to ask for money from him is now hell! Men these days don't even want to carry the financial responsibility of the home alone, They want to share it with their wives and so woe is unto the woman that has no job yet. So telme, what is the head about these men?? they dont want to help with domestic chores yet they want you to be contributing to the finances of the house(50:50 oo) and they still even want you to sleep with them at their will. Telme what normal woman will still be in the right state of mind after these is it even possible to still love the man in question? Why won't the marriage become sore in this state.

Finally social media, social media has spoilt many marriages/relationships today. When you people were still friends, it was online; when you started dating-it was online, when he proposed- it was online, when you got married- it was online, honeymoon- it was online. Everything is now online. There is no longer intimacy and privacy in relationships; 1000 other people are now in the relationship/marriage with you. Telme how will that relationship not go sore when everything is now in the open and there is nothing secret about it.

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