Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Work it out indeed with fear and trembling

I just saw a Christian soap-opera on KAtv and here is what I deduced. Christianity is not a piece of cake at all and the warning "not all who call me Lord will enter heaven" is not a joke, it requires great diligence from you lest you fall. How do you expect God to approve of you as his child if you are still living in sin??Don't even say it is impossible to live sin free because it is. Our sins spring up from our desires and so what we center our desires on should be our primary concern. Our manual here on earth(BIBLE) admonishes us to focus our thoughts on heavenly things; and I am very sure that if you do just that, then struggling with sin would not be your testimony.

Back to lessons from the soap; please, as a Christian that has been in courtship for a while, get married if you both know that you can no longer control your sexual urges (though I'm convinced that the Holy Spirit is ever willing to help our weaknesses) rather than succumbing to fornication because believe me it is worse for a Christian. 1.) You will incur God's wrath 2.) You will be disgraced 3.) You  must face the consequences.
As a Christian, you are probably a worker in church or you are just known to be good Christian and so the day you commit a sin, after confessing to God, you have to confess to the persons that your sin would have affected and face the consequences (God help you, let it not be the whole church). So many Christians miss it when they sin, confess it to God and continue their work in church as if nothing ever happened just because they assume God has forgiven them. I think it is really wrong; you commit sin and continue to sing in choir, lead youth meetings, teach Sunday school, etc just because the anointing is still there and because you don't want anybody to view you as a sinner if you confess ; I feel sorry for you because the person that really matters(God) already views you as a sinner.
The height is the ones that take in(conceive) and commit abortion so nobody will know. In the soap, a Choir Leader lost his fiancee, who unknown to every other person had died as a result of the abortion she committed. And because of his reputation in Church, bro Kevin did not confess to anybody but continued in faith inspite of his loss(that was what other people saw; a spiritually matured bro Kevin who did not lose sight of God inspite of his loss; a bro Kevin who was worthy of emulation). This guy gave a tribute at his fiancee's wake-keep which ended with a portion of the bible which talked about people's sins catching up with them; because of the power of that scripture, an intending couple ( a chorister and a Sunday school teacher) came to his house to confess to him about their sin. They had been fornicating since 10 months ago, had aborted 1 pregnancy and were just going to abort the second pregnancy when that scripture hit them hard. Do you know that bro Kevin called them sinners and told them they needed to repent very well not partially, confess to their unit heads and pastor, and that they must keep the pregnancy.
Of course it was after that act of hypocrisy that his conscience started dealing with him. His conscience told him to go and confess to the lady's parents about the truth behind how their daughter died and he didn't. He kept on saying that he had confessed to God and his sins had been washed away. He even quoted Romans 8:1 and his conscience told him vs1 can only stand if vs4 stands( to those who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the spirit) and that is the simple truth; there is no true repentance without restitution and so bro Kevin died in an accident days after, when he was coming back from his retreat.

Another lesson learnt is about immortalising people. During choir meeting, they were praying for God to help them just the way he had been good to bro Kevin. They only saw the anointing the bro carried, and the fact that he was still steadfast after his fiancee's death and had now even gone on a personal retreat to meet with God for 7 days. They got carried away with all this and felt he must be perfect and started praying for God to make them like bro Kevin. Just the way people pray to be like Daddy Oyedepo, Daddy Adeboye, Pst Oyakilome, just to mention a few( I am not insinuating anything here tho, all I'm saying is for you to pray for who God wants you to be, not to pray particularly to be like anybody else).
Bad attitudes shouldn't even be mentioned about Christians, Imagine this lady went out on evangelism only for the person she preached to to start laughing at her."Do you think I don't know you, you that is always shouting and quarelling with people on your street, shebi you live on *** street, so you are even a Christian, better stop deceiving yourself and stop calling yourself a christian".- This was the response the person gave her and she was dumbfounded. The person just hissed and slammed the door on her face ans so if you really want to do God's work, then you must live like Christ(model for all Christians).

In summary, all I am saying is that since it is harder for a Christian to restitute, then it is better not to commit the sin in the first place. With fear and trembling, we must endeavour not to be like the world, remember we are only in the world but we are not of the world and so we shouldnt do the things the world does.. May God help us all!

Deep right, this is indeed worth pondering over!

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